Schema Theme Review – Is This the Fastest WordPress Theme?

Let’s face it.

The main reason you are reading this post is because you are looking for a lightweight, fast loading WordPress theme. My Theme shop has you covered with their Schema Theme. Lots of themes these day try to be the best all-in-one theme. This means they are packed with features, which isn’t a bad thing in some cases, but when you are looking for speed this just doesn’t work.

Schema theme features

It’s a big statement to try and live up to “Fastest SEO WordPress Theme”. Can Schema Theme really be that good? We are a massive fan of this theme and we use it ourselves on this blog. We then ran a few tests and were able to get our blog to load in under 300ms! We used this how to speed up your WordPress website guide to help reach those speeds, but you need to have a solid theme to begin with.


Schema Theme Features

Shema WordPress theme is equipped with lots of features. We’ve reviewed every feature and listed them below. You can click on the feature to jump to that section on the page.


Speed Optimized

Ad Management

Built-in Review System

Custom Widgets

Powerful Control Pannel

Rich Snippet Support

Useful Shortcodes

Related Posts

Other features



Schema is fully responsive, so it displays beautifully on all devices and browsers. It’s a must for a website to be responsive these days, since Google updated its algorithm to check to see if your website is mobile friendly. It’s also great for your readers/customers that they can view your content that’s optimized for the view on their device whether that can be mobile, tablet or desktop.

Speed Optimized


Schema was built with speed in mind, this is why it loads incredibly fast. Google takes website load speed into account with its algorithm helping to rank higher. Also your readers/customers will have a better user experience if your site loads quickly. If you have a slow WordPress website you can help speed it up by following this simple step by step guide to speeding up your WordPress website.

Ad Management


Being able to earn money via your website is a crucial part of sustaining any business. Thanks to the guys at My Theme Shop, Schema has a built-in ad management within the options panel. Built into Schema, there’re 3 ad display areas: header, below post title and below post content. It makes it very easy to add/change the ads you show across your website. There is also the ability to show the post title and below post content ads for x number of days.

Built-in Review System


Built-in review system is slightly misleading as you have to install a plugin for this functionality. Even though you have to install the My Theme Shop review system the plugin’s functionality is great. It makes reviewing items very easy. Combining this with rich snippet support, it makes your blog posts more appealing to click in the SERP’s. The review system settings let you select where to show the review box: before or after your content. This can be displayed on either a posts or a page. You also have the ability to customize the color scheme, which is a great feature to make it match your website color scheme.

Custom Widgets


Included in the Scheme theme, My Theme Shop has included their custom made widgets. These allow you to add further functionality such as ads, social sharing, related posts and subscription. My Theme Shop offers extra widgets you can download via their website.

Powerful Options Pannel


All of the setting for Schema are kept within the options panel. This is where you can change all the setting related to the theme. These include general settings, styling options, header, home page, single posts, social buttons, ad management, sidebars, navigation, typography, translate and import/export.

Rich Snippet Support


It’s a battle in the search results to get people to click through to your page. You’ll do anything to have that edge and get the click. Having rich snippet support built into schema’s functionality is great. Combining this with the review system, you have a great way the catch the eye of a potential reader/customer. The image above shows what the rich snippet data can appear like in the search results pages.

Useful Shortcodes


Being able to use shortcodes is very handy. They make your life easier as you are able to add elements into your pages and posts. As you can see from the image above, you can simply use shortcodes to add buttons, alerts and layout options. This is achieved by downloading the My Theme Shop shortcode plugin. You are prompted to download this on installation of the theme.


A great way to keep people on your site and to keep them engaged is to offer related posts to read at the bottom of your post pages. This way, once they have finished reading your post and if they like it, they will most likely continue reading other articles you have written. It’s great to have the feature in the Schema theme rather than having to install a plugin to achieve this.

Other Features

It also needs to be mentioned that the Schema WordPress theme comes with a few other features that are worth mentioning:

Easy Import: Easily import and transfer your existing content and settings to schema with their easy import feature.

Custom CSS: Redesign and restyle Schema with the custom CSS support that gives you ultimate control.

Unlimited Backgrounds: Schema gives you the freedom to use an unlimited number of backgrounds.

SEO Ready: They have implemented the latest tricks to keep Google bot crawling deeper and deeper into your site, so it has the best chance of showing up beautifully in the search results.

Secure, Lightweight Code: Schema has lightweight, secure and battle-tested code to keep your site performing securely and optimally.

Translation Ready: Schema is translation ready, so just add a translation file and you’ll be reaching new audiences.

All Goggle Fonts: Schema includes integration with Google font library, so you can choose from nearly unlimited typography options.

Ready to use Icon Fonts: Load your icons lightning fast, with no need for images, thanks to their icon fonts (350+), which allow you to quickly and easily add icons anywhere in your blog without any hassle.

Integrated Social Media: Send a flood of traffic to your website, thanks to Schema integrated social media sharing functionality.

Demo Data Included: Quickly set up your new theme and use demo data to provide useful examples that are easy to modify.


As we use the Schema WordPress theme for this site, I have been able to get a good in-depth look into every aspect of this theme. With load speed as a massive factor for us, this theme couldn’t be better! We love how fast it loads. With the easy-to-use options panel, changes setting is easy to do. Pairing this up with My Theme Shop’s useful short codes plugin and review system plugin, it creates a great base for a review blogging platform. With all of these features, comparing this to a more multi-purpose WordPress theme, it doesn’t have the same functionality.

Schema Theme Review
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Features


I absolutely love how fast Schema theme loads, this would be the main reason people would buy it. The speed comes at a cost, that it's not ram packed with every feature going, though to me this doesn't matter. I'd much rather have a fast theme than one that's bloated with features I'm not going to use. I can't recommend this theme enough, we like it so much and it's our first choice when it comes to selecting a theme.


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